Next Generation Digital Wallet

Crypto, Banking and Stocks

Our mission is to make your life easier.

Coingrig is your Digital Wallet that can provide you an overview over your crypto, traditional banking finances and stocks.

Buy with card

Purchase Crypto with your credit card

1M+ tokens

Trade tokens across multiple chains

Unified Swap

Integrated with 30+ exchanges

Private & Secure

Non-custodial, your keys, your coins

2300+ Banks

Instantly check your bank account balance


Connect Centralized Crypto Exchanges


Portfolio tracker for 10k+ Stocks


Track your non-digital assets




Self Custodial Digital assets

1 Million assets at your fingertips

Buy, Send, Receive and Swap over 1M digital assets across multiple blockchains

Centralized Crypto Exchanges

Connect your CEXs

Access your crypto account balance from centralized exchanges and quickly check your performance in a single view.

Your bank account

2300+ Banks

Connect to European banks to instantly check your account balance. Upcoming 11k+ new banks from U.S and Canada.

No account needed

Create or import your non-custodial wallet immediately. Your confidential data never leaves your phone and is not shared with us, between connected services or with anyone else.

Coingrig wallet keys can also be imported in other wallets.
Portfolio tracker

Stocks and Cash

Extend your portfolio tracking to stocks and non-digital assets you can track in any global currency.




Easy to buy

Buy with card

Buy crypto assets in minutes with low fees. Available in 160+ countries

  • Apple Pay
  • Visa, Mastercard
  • Wire transfer
  • Revolut (within EU)
All in one

Unified Swap.

Coingrig checks more than 30 decentralized Liquidity Sources and swaps with the best cost.

What's next?

Coingrig Card

A debit card which you can use in stores and online to spend your crypto on demand.

Earn interest

Deposit USDC, USDT, BTC or ETH with popular services to earn interest on your assets.

Create and trade NFTs

As a content creator we want you to have the tools to transform your creations quickly into assets that can be sold and traded through crypto.

Create your own tokens

You’ll have the ability to create an utility token directly from the wallet. You may choose then to trade it freely or for a certain value.

1-Click investing

Access sets of desirable crypto assets that can be purchased through a single order instead of individually picking and trading crypto assets.

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